Monday, October 4, 2010

remember what I learned on Sunday...

remember what I learned on Sunday. I love going to church on Sunday. The message gives me fuel for my soul. I have new things to consider and think about and I feel energized as I leave the service knowing that I am armed and ready for the week.

I think a lot of people feel that way. We go to church to praise God and He ends up blessing us with a new focus and renewed dedication and a joy-filled heart wanting to spread His love. So why is it then that the "noise" of the world can drown out that wonderful message and make it hard to remember what was even said? By Wednesday, we are so caught up in the commotion of news and jobs and emails and phone calls and texts - we have communication overload and we can't remember the message that meant so much just a few days before. The message in church was more important than anything else going on, but it's one of the first things forgotten. It's sad, but it's fixable. I have found that if I take a few notes of key points during the sermon, the message sticks with me and I can refer back to it during the week to stay focused. You jot down notes when you go to the grocery store so you won't forget things right? You send emails to a friend to remind them of an appointment or date don't you? We mark our calendars so we don't miss that big event? So, why is it that we don't have the discipline to write down a few simple notes of God's love, encouragement or power during service. Those notes will help you far more than a calendar or an email. They can keep you on the right path when things start going wrong. God is giving you a message each Sunday to carry you through the week. He's the teacher, we're the students. So take your notes and study. You'll find yourself staying more focused and feeling stronger if you do.

So, for today I will remember what I learned on Sunday. I will start taking notes and making the effort to retain God's wonderful messages. I will be the student who is eager to learn and grow from God's words. I know that He is speaking directly to me during service, so I will write down what He says and I will be able to hear His communication to me throughout the week. His message will overpower the communication overload of my life and I will remember what He has taught me.