Tuesday, October 19, 2010

speak in a kind voice...

speak in a kind voice. That shouldn't be too hard should it? I mean none of us ever get frustrated, short-tempered, irritated, disappointed, annoyed, or furious - right? Ha! Well then go ahead and get frustrated or irritated, but instead of lashing out - control yourself.

For today speak in a kind, calm voice no matter what the situation. Did you hear that? No matter what the situation (and dealing with your kids counts). You don't have to be harsh or hostile or aggressive to make your point or get respect. Approach the situation from strength (controlled calmness) not weakness (uncontrolled aggravation). Still say whatever it is that you need to say, but keep a softer, calmer, kinder tone of voice. You will find that it deescalates the situation instead of escalating it. (And the urban myth that kids only listen when you yell isn't true.)

So, for today I will speak in a kind voice. I will control my attitude and approach. Jesus communicated with love and respect when correcting, guiding and disciplining those around Him. So, for today let's be more like Jesus and speak in a kind voice.