Friday, October 1, 2010

will not be lazy...

will not be lazy. But it's Friday! I want to relax and do nothing this weekend! My life is jam-packed all week long and I want to be lazy! If that's what you're saying to yourself right now, don't worry this isn't as hard as you think.

My definition of lazy in this instance is not related to your physical activity or work or kids - it's related to your relationship with God. We are so fortunately blessed in the fact that God loves us and keeps doing His job whether we hold up our end of the deal or not. He doesn't take time off, He doesn't "forget" you, and He doesn't put in half effort when He decides on your blessings. He's not lazy. But many times, we take Him for granted and forget He's there, forget to say "thank you" and forget to talk to Him. Just for today I'm asking you to not be lazy in your relationship with Him. Remember Him today. Talk to Him today. Say, "thank you" today. Let Him know that you do love Him, you do need Him, you do want Him in your life and that you would not want to find out what life would be like without Him. He's the best friend you could ever imagine and you know it. If we treated any of our friends or family the way we sometimes treat God - we'd probably be very lonely! So give Him some effort today.

So, for today I will not be lazy. I will put God properly back into my "T.G.I.F" for all the right reasons. I will be a better friend to Him today than I was yesterday. I will appreciate Him and thank Him and call on Him when I need Him. He's always there for me so today I will be there for Him and with Him.