Tuesday, September 7, 2010


laugh. This is one thing that we definitely don't do enough in our day to day lives usually. We're busy, tired, getting things done and being efficient and we forget to laugh to ease the tension and have a little fun.

I can think of an example. Do you ever get so upset or so frustrated that you want to explode, but at the same time realize how ridiculous the situation is and want to break out laughing but don't? I can get frazzled with my children and when they make a silly face or do something goofy in the middle of my frustration I hold back from laughing. I think to myself - this is serious, they have to learn a lesson - whatever you do don't laugh. I wish I would just let it go more often, laugh with them, give a hug and let us all move forward in a better mood. So if you're like me and you find yourself in one of these situations, just let it go - give in to the impulse - laugh. Maybe it's not your kids, but your spouse or significant other, maybe it's with your parents or a friend. You get into a "debate" and want so much to hold your ground that you can't give in to the absurdity of arguing over which brand of tomato paste is better(or whatever equally silly thing you find to argue about).... Laugh at the situation, laugh at yourself. Break the tension, release the anger, and make it a much more pleasant experience and day.

So, for today I will laugh. Instead of being controlled and argumentative, I will allow myself the pleasure and release that laughter provides. I will remember that more gets accomplished by everyone (including me) when we are in a good mood and have been lighten by laughter.