Monday, September 27, 2010

add Christian music to my library...

add Christian music to my library. Now this is an easy one. It's Friday so I thought I'd make it very simple today.

Do you love music? Do you have favorite songs that you love to hear or play over and over? I know I do. As soon as I hear the first notes of certain songs it affects my mood immediately. Sometimes it's good and they make me remember a favorite time in my life or a great person and I get all happy and nostalgic. Other times they make me sad because they bring back a hurt or a broken dream that still touches me. Most of you would probably relate Pop, Rock, or R&B to this type of emotional response, but music with Christian lyrics can be just as moving - maybe more so. Don't wait until Sundays to hear the songs you love at church. And don't limit your connection to the music and Christ with only church events or sermons. Add Christian music to your daily life. Find a station or your car radio or link on your office computer. Let music inspired by God begin to fill your life every day. You'll find inspiration, clarity, hope, comfort and thoughtfulness in this type of music. You'll begin to tie these songs to special events or moments and then seek out those songs over and over when you're in need. It's a great way to keep yourself centered and focused on the true priorities in life - and your praising God while your listening (or singing along).

So, for today I will add Christian music to my library. I will begin to expand my love for Christ into my itunes. I'll realize that church music doesn't have to stay in church and I will be blessed.