Friday, September 17, 2010

make God proud of me...

make God proud of me. In bible study once a friend closed us in prayer by saying, "God help us to make you proud of us." I loved that prayer and I now often think, "did I do anything today to make God proud of me?"

If I'm being honest, sometimes the answer is yes and sometimes the answer is no. So the challenge today is to pick one think that you want to accomplish for God to show your love and respect for Him and to make Him proud. You might choose volunteering somewhere, or going back to bible study (or attending for the first time), or making a commitment to go to church on Sunday. You might decide to be ultra-patient with your kids today, or to not argue with your spouse, or to be especially considerate to your parents, or to show understanding and compassion to a friend that's been hard to deal with lately. You might make a donation to charity, or offer assistance to someone in need, or refrain from a destructive habit that pulls you away from God. Just pick something tangible and do it. And don't think that you're too far gone or unworthy of His grace and pride. He loves you and He wants you! So show God you can be focused or kind or mature or generous. Show God that you are trying in some small way to be like Him and to emulate His glory. Show Him that you want to be a good and faithful servant and that you want to make Him proud.

So, for today I will make God proud of me. The love that He pours onto me, I will pour it onto someone else today. I pray that God will bless me and help me in my efforts and that at the end of the day I will be fulfilled and thankful and I will know that my small gesture made Him smile. And then I will do it again tomorrow!