Thursday, August 26, 2010

not quarrel...

not quarrel. "Everyone loves a good fight" - isn't that how the saying goes. I don't know how accurate that is. I personally don't understand all the arguing over every little thing in life.

Do you get caught up in your opinions, your preferences, and your own quirks so much so that you find yourself constantly 'debating' with others? (I call it 'debating' because those of you knit-pickers are positive about the validity of your point that you will debate its merits to death!!!) Think about the conversations during your day. Is the majority of time spent on these quarrels with others over each tiny spec of detail and the conversations never get around to the important, huge factors? Stop getting caught up in the minutia. Sometimes you can just let it go. Not everything has to be your way, on your terms, and in your timing. Instead of being quarrelsome over everything because you want total control, how about picking your battles? Is it really the end of the world when the soup can is in the wrong place in the pantry? Will civilization as we know it end if your co-worker put the header on the report to the right instead of centering it? Will all of heaven and earth cry out in disgust if your kids prefer to mix their t-shirts and shorts in the same drawer instead of separate ones? Figure out what your passion is regarding truly critical matters and then hold fast to those principles only. But if, when making your list, you find you are still listing which type of mayonnaise must be used at all times and that all flossing of teeth must be down from right to left by every member of your household - start the list over!! Eliminate the stuff that you should be able to adapt to, let go of, show some flexibility on, or just plain stop being so stubborn.

So, for today I will not quarrel. I will begin a new pattern of relaxing and being flexible. I will acknowledge that not everything has to be my way and that a different interpretation doesn't necessarily mean it's wrong. I will save my fights for vital, critical issues and I will learn to be at ease with the little stuff. And since this may be hard for me, I will pray for patience and discernment throughout the day!