Thursday, September 16, 2010

have a picnic...

have a picnic. I love picnics. They somehow change the entire feel of meal time. There is something inherently relaxing and pleasant about them.

So today instead of sitting around the table, cramming food down your throat while you drive, or plopping in front of the TV with your zapped microwave meal - have a picnic. Go to the park or the beach. Go into your backyard or lay out a blanket in the middle of your living room! It doesn't really matter "where" your picnic is, it's more about the sense of ease and lack of structure and rules that makes picnics so great. You sit on the ground, no fancy china or glasses, you eat just about everything with your hands and you always seem to spill something. Is there something magical about that blanket and sitting on the ground that transforms us and breaks through all the stress and brings out the laughter? I don't know. But I do know there's something instinctively fun about a picnic. Maybe because our lives are so structured and so scheduled and a picnic seems to break all the rules of manners and decorum. You can just be yourself, eat your sandwich and smile. No one's judging your use of the proper fork, or telling you to get your elbows off the table. You don't even have to use a napkin because a sleeve will always do. The point is to break lose today and have a little freedom from structure.

So, for today I will have a picnic. I will enjoy the freedom and fun of a picnic. Whether big or small, with others or on my own, I will have a picnic and relax. And while I'm enjoying my picnic I will thank God that there are still some things in life that are easy, uncomplicated and fun.