Wednesday, September 22, 2010

not retaliate...

not retaliate. When someone hurts us our first instinct is to strike back. When they say something that we feel is unfair, untrue or just plain unkind it can be very hard not to say something nasty right back.

There's a difference between constructive criticism and sarcastic or undeserved judgement. There's a saying, "if you can't say something nice - don't say anything at all." Most of us don't apply that on a daily basis especially if someone takes the first strike. It's that animal instinct that only the strong survive. When you feel you've been unfairly judged and you're hurt, you want to hurt the other person right back so they know how it feels. It's a natural, normal feeling right? But does striking back make you stronger or is it stronger to disregard that hurtful and probably ignorant comment and move on with your day? This is a tough situation to be in for most of us. Whether you love a good fight or are conflict adverse, when you feel you've been picked on unfairly thoughts of retaliation undoubtedly come to mind. Just for today, we will bite our tongues, mind our actions and not retaliate in hast. We will take the high road with the assurance that we know the truth and that stooping to that person's level will only fuel a petty and usually ridiculous fire. Don't fan the flames today.

So, for today I will not retaliate. As much as I want to get back at that person who has done a wrong to me, I will practice self-control today. I will take the high road - even though it can be a tough one. I will be confident in who I am and what I stand for and I won't let their petty, ignorant or just plain mean comment/action pierce my soul. I'm stronger than they think. I'm under His protection and don't need to retaliate and lower myself to that level.