Friday, September 10, 2010

take a bubble bath...

take a bubble bath. It's Friday and you deserve a break. This may sound girly, so if you can't handle a bubble bath - jump in the jacuzzi or take a nice long hot shower.

Many times we try to find a quiet moment to think, but by taking a bubble bath you get your quiet time and your body gets a much needed time to physically relax. All you have to do today is just take those few minutes to quiet the world, pamper your tired and aching body, and just sit. You can block out the rest of world while you soak in a hot, bubbly bath. Light some scented candles, play some nice relaxing music, and just let your worries float away for a little while. Give your mind and body peace. You deal with "life" all day, every day. Take the time today to sit, soak, pray and come out of it mentally and physically relaxed! You can find the time, if you try - so try.

So, for today I will take a bubble bath. I will soak my tired body and soul. I will relax in the warmth of the bath and enjoy the quiet time to calm my spinning mind. I will not make 'to do' lists or think about what's happening at work or with the kids. I will pray and quiet my spirit and my muscles and I will enjoy my peace.