Tuesday, November 16, 2010

walk through the fire...

walk through the fire. Life can be filled with a lot of hurt, suffering and discouragement. Sometimes life seems to be hammering down on us every day in new ways that are overwhelming and devastating. Where do we find hope?

The bible says that if we walk with the Lord through the fires of life, we will not be burned. That means two things to me. 1) I've got to keep walking despite the conditions, and 2) I will make it to the other side. The first point is key - keep walking in faith. The verse doesn't say that you won't feel the heat, that you won't smell the fumes, you won't sweat, you won't almost succumb to the polluted air caused by the fire - it only says you will not be burned. So, I may feel the heat, I may get choked up by the fumes, I may stumble in the black clouds caused by the raging fire - but I will make it through the fire intact if I keep walking! God is walking with me and as long as I keep moving, He will make sure that He gets me to the other side with no permanent damage. I will not be burned!

So, for today I will walk through the fire. I will praise Him in the heat. I will see Him in the smoke. And, I will thank Him when I make it to the other side without being burned.