Thursday, November 11, 2010

be grateful...

be grateful. Today is Veteran's Day. As an appropriate tribute I thought it was important to reiterate these thoughts of gratitude. I will be grateful that I am blessed to live in America. With all its' faults, failures and many times confused and conflicted priorities, I will be grateful.

Grateful that God touches and blesses our country. Grateful that men and women across this country give of themselves in service to protect and provide for ME! I am a stranger to them, but they willingly make sacrifices and serve with pride and honor. I will be grateful today that the core values that matter are cherished and protected. I will be grateful for the hearts that serve, have served, and have died so that I may laugh, cry, work, play and pray in peace and freedom. So instead of spending your time complaining and focusing on what you think is wrong with our society and this country - take a good look around and be grateful today.

Everything is temporary and freedom and peace could disappear tomorrow. So, for today be grateful!