Wednesday, November 24, 2010

let the walls come down...

let the walls come down. So many of us don't let the world see all of us. We want to put on a good front and only expose the very best parts of ourselves, even from those who are supposed to be closest to us.

For today, let the walls come down. With your spouse, a trusted friend, a loved parent - whomever - unmask one hidden part of you that you've never shared. Maybe it's an insecurity, maybe it's a terrible experience that hurt you, maybe it's a bad choice you made that impacted your life, maybe it's just the need to cry because you're so tired of being brave and strong and you just need to let it out emotionally without saying a word. Maybe it's even a secret ambition that you've been afraid others will mock. Let yourself be cleansed and freed by the experience. Being perfect isn't your job - that belongs to God - being true to yourself is. You don't have to pretend you are something that you aren't. If someone only cares about the "public" you, then they don't really love you.

So, for today let the walls come down. You will most likely find that the person you confide in feels honored and will admire you in a whole new light. They will see you as even more beautiful than you already are because you are genuine and real. Inner beauty is a different standard than society's version of pretty. Inner beauty has greater depth, more purity, and eternal significance. Let your inner beauty shine today.