Monday, December 19, 2011

serve with the heart of Jesus...

serve with the heart of Jesus. How will you spend your holiday season? Lots of parties and shopping? Will you make time for serving as well?

This is the season of Christ. In addition to giving and receiving gifts, we need to make sure we're giving our heart. Spend some time this holiday serving others. There are so many people who won't have a big Christmas celebration. They won't have gifts under the tree - they might not have a tree. You can impact someone's life during this season of Peace and Joy by getting out there to serve. Volunteer to do something. Pick one thing - helping at a food bank, giving gifts for children in need, singing carols for the elderly in a senior home - just choose and then do it. Give the real gift of the season - LOVE. One person does make a difference - and you can be that one person.

So, for today I will serve with the heart of Jesus. We are celebrating the birth of Jesus, a man, who loved us so much He was born to save us. This Christmas season our love can carry on his message.