Thursday, December 15, 2011

say "thank you"...

say, "Thank You." During this season of giving and receiving, don't forget those two little words that mean so much.

Being polite is good. Being grateful is better! When you say "Thank You" have it come from a place of gratitude. Make sure "thank you" means something when you say it. It's easy for it just to be words - but especially now, make sure it's meaningful. And most importantly, tell Jesus "Thank you" for coming to this world to save you. We are celebrating His birth. A birth that changed the world forever. If that's not worth a heart-filled, overwhelming gratitude "Thank you," I don't know what is.

So, for today I will say, "thank you." I will have an attitude and heart of gratitude and express it to all around me. And for the one who does the most for me, the one who made my existence possible, the one who loved me so much He saved me - I will say, "THANK YOU" and mean it.