Thursday, December 8, 2011

give of my gifts...

give of my gifts. Instead of a wrapped gift purchased in a store, think about the true gifts you can give the ones you love.

Sometimes, we use presents as a way of making up for what is lacking in our relationships. Grand gestures at Christmas are nice, but what will bring true joy is the gift of you! What do the people you love really need from you? A new gadget or more of your compassion? A great book or for you to listen to them? A fancy watch or more of your time? Think about the things that you really should give more to others and make that your Christmas present this year. Giving the best of you is the best present you can offer anyone you love. So unwrap your talents, skills, compassion, understanding, humor and tenderness this Christmas and give it away joyfully!

So, for today I will give of my gifts. What I can offer can't be found in stores. I have my own unique, one-of-a-kind gifts that need to be shared with the people I love. This Christmas I will unwrap me!