Wednesday, March 16, 2011

let my broken heart heal...

let my broken heart heal. Getting over heartbreak is very difficult. You can get lost in the fog of the pain you feel and never find your way out, but you're not really living if you are only defined by your pain. Don't close yourself up permanently, today let your broken heart heal.

When the first impact of the pain of your broken heart hits, it's devastating. You feel crushed under the weight of it. Many people say that in time you'll forget. Some say you'll never be the same again. Cliches don't help, choices do. You have a choice. If you want to let your misery consume your life and destroy everything good you felt about yourself, others or even God - then that's your choice. You can block out the world and breath in the pain, pity or anger day in and day out. But that's not a very good choice. Living that way is like living with a thief that will rob you, use you, and deny you all of the beauty, love, friendship, comfort and security that God has planned for you. You don't have to forget what has happened and sweep it under the rug - that's not realistic. You aren't the same as you were before, but instead of letting the pain change everything about you, let it become a part of who you are and not all of who you are. You are so much more than the pain. Don't let it control you and ruin your life. You had good moments before the pain and good moments are yours for the taking if you just believe.

So, for today I will let my broken heart heal. I will think of my life as a recipe. Like all good recipes, there will be a lot of different ingredients. My hope, my laughter, my pain, my love, my dreams, my mistakes, my victories....they are all different ingredients in the great recipe of my life. What recipe do you know of that only has one ingredient?? None. Your life is not just heart break with nothing else added. So for today let your broken heart heal and start to mix together all the ingredients of your life to lead you back to the path God intends for you - beauty, love, comfort, peace, hope.