Thursday, March 17, 2011


begin. Today I will just start. I will not procrastinate any longer.

We all have a million reasons for why we haven't gotten around to something important in the development of our character, but the excuses stop today. I will begin reading my bible. I will start going to church on Sunday. I will begin attending a bible study. I will start asking my Christian friends about their faith. I will start volunteering at a soup kitchen or half-way house. I will begin exercising more patience with my children. I will start being kinder to that one person at work who drives me crazy. I will start something today! Whatever it is that I've been thinking about doing, whatever it is that seems like a good idea that I have never gotten around to, whatever I have been putting off and putting off for weeks or even years, today I will just start!!

So, for today I will begin. I will take my first steps at something new, something needed in my life. I will reach beyond my current comfort zone. I will stop making excuses and I will begin.