Friday, August 20, 2010


fast. Many people have the perception that fasting is only centered around food. Not so. Today find a new way to fast as an act of discipline, thankfulness, and praise.

What do you have a weakness for? Is it a particular food item? A favorite drink? An obsession with video games? An inability to ever be without your cell phone? A laziness to stay on the couch all evening? Whatever it is, this is your chance to give it up for a time period as an act of respect to God. So, pick a time length that challenges you. Don't pick an unrealistic one and set yourself up for failure before you've begun. Pick a time frame difficult enough to make it tough on you, but not so much so that you spend the entire time complaining and miserable about what you gave up - that's not an act of praise! Once that's established, pick the item or habit or activity and give it up and let it go!! Occupy yourself with other things. Pray during your fast time. Prayers of thanksgiving, prayers of strength, prayers of gratitude and solice. Instead of focusing on the item you have given up, focus on all you do have and keep a constant stream of communication going up to God. You'll feel stronger, more at peace, and a little more aware that the item you thought you couldn't live without - you actually can!!

So, for today I will fast. I will spend time praising God instead of doing things that I want or like. I will give up that thing that is my weaknesses, that thing I don't want to go without, but fro God will give it up gladly as a small token of my great appreciation, admiration and love for Him.