Wednesday, February 27, 2013

remember everything is temporary...

remember everything is temporary. This is such a comforting truth for me. Some people, however, don't like this statement. They don't want their wealth, their success, or their physical beauty to be temporary - but it is.

Everything is temporary. Life changes constantly. This can be very reassuring in hard times and very meaningful in good times. And let's face it, each day is filled with a little of both. During the tough days I know that they won't last forever. This is a temporary situation that will change in time (God's time). During the good times, knowing that it could all disappear tomorrow, makes me grateful and appreciative of everything I have. God's plan is designed for our good and that plan involves changes that help us grow. He never brings us to a situation that we can't handle because He's there with us.

So, for today I will remember that everything is temporary. That things will always change. That those changes are designed by God to help me learn, mature, and enjoy this life. And, instead of fearing it, I should use it to keep my things in perspective.