Wednesday, July 14, 2010

play a game...

play a game. The challenge today is to let go and be a kid again. To relive a few moments of the joy, freedom, and fun of being a kid.

This challenge, however, does not include x-box, nintendo, wii or any other of the computer or electronic gadet games. Today is about good old-fashioned play time. Etch-o-sketch, legos, lite brite, play-dough, lincoln logs, go fish, building a sand castle, hopscotch, coloring, a tea party, monopoly, chutes and ladders, candyland, rock em sock em robot, connect four - something (anything) from your childhood that brought you joy and made you laugh. If you don't have the game/toy, borrow it (or something else) from a friend with kids, check the closets in your parents home, or go to the toy store and pick it up - whatever you have to do, just play today! We need moments that are not structured, not planned out and don't figure into any time schedule. Those moments we had as kids playing with friends are always some of the best memories. Recapture those moments today! Play with your family and release the tension and realities of the world for a few minutes. If you live alone, call some friends and invite them over for game night. Take the game to work tomorrow and play on your lunch break if you have to, just make sure you play!

So, for today I will play a game. I will be a kid again in my heart and in my actions. I will laugh and think about all the fun I used to have doing the simplest of things. I will realize how easy it was to be happy back then and wonder why I make it so hard for myself now. I will find joy today while I play and I will promise myself to make this attitude a bigger part of my life. I will find joy and pleasure in the simple things in life and be blessed.