Wednesday, June 23, 2010


wave. The simplest of gestures can make an impact. A simple wave can brighten the day and make it more cheerful.

The challenge today is to wave and keeping waving. Wave at neighbors on your street you don't know. Wave to other cars at a stop light as you look around and make eye contact. Wave goodbye to the clerk as you leave the store. I'm talking a real, put your hand up in the air, wave. Not that head nod of recognition thing. And not just saying hello or goodbye, but add the action with it. Be engaging, be kind, be open and bring a light moment to someone else's life today.

So, for today I will wave. I will ignite a spark of friendly communication through a simple gesture and hope it is contagious! God loves kind words that bring a smile and He also loves action. It's as easy as this - raise your right hand, wiggle it, and smile! So wave and pass on some joy and love today.